Andrew at piano


Andrew has prepared and delivered workshops on a variety of themes including plainsong, sight-singing and church choral music. Accessible to a wide range of abilities and lasting between 3 hours and all day, they are designed to be engaging, entertaining and educational.

Arranging and Orchestration

Andrew studied orchestration with Dr Grayston Ives at Oxford University and is comfortable arranging, re-arranging, orchestrating and re-orchestrating any music to fit available resources and budgets.  He has a particular fondness for close harmony and enjoys producing arrangements of contemporary popular music for barbershop.

Critical Editions and Publications

Andrew often prepares editions of works from primary sources including music only available in mensural notation. He is always happy to share opinions on ficta and can spot potential scribal errors and harmonic oddities at fifty paces. As well as arranging and taking part in modern premieres he is passionate about understanding the context of works including patronage and liturgical function.