Below are details on some of the modern premieres and reconstructions Andrew has participated in.

Modern premieres

Pasche Mass and Magnificat

As part of his undergraduate finals Andrew prepared critical editions of the Mass and Magnificat from the surviving sources (the Caius Choirbook and Peterhouse Partbooks). In 1998 the work was then performed with a choir of choral scholars in the chapel of Keble College, Oxford, believed to be the first public performance of the piece since the reformation.

Striggio with Tallis Scholars

In 2007 Andrew sang in the Tallis scholars modern premiere of Alessandro Striggio's 60 part mass, Missa Ecco si beato giorno. Believed to have been the first performance in 500 years as the score had been mislabelled and then lost.

Lotti's Missa Sancti Christophori

Probably Lotti's most famous work, the 8 part crucifixus, comes from the credo of this mass although the rest of it remains unknown. In 2010 Andrew took part in what as believed to have been the first complete performance of the mass in 250 years.


Byrd at Ingatestone Hall

Ingatestone Hall was the tudor seat of Lord Petre, William Byrd's patron. In 2005 and 2006 Andrew took part in concerts by Cantores Chamber Choir celebrating the music of Byrd and his contemporaries in a building Byrd knew well. Sadly the concert was not in the original chapel as that part of the hall had been demolished in more modern times to build a toilet!

Portuguese 16th Century masterpieces

In 2012 Andrew performed with A Capella Portuguesa at the Vila Viçosa Palace in Portugal, the 16th Century home of the Dukes of Braganza. The music was drawn from previous undiscovered inventories of music from the royal chapels, curated into a performance by Dr Owen Rees, Dr Bernadette Nelson and colleagues from Lisbon's Universidade Nova.

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