British Choral Music

This is an alphabetical list of selected late 19th and 20th British Choral Music Andrew has performed. It excludes composers from Andrew's home county of Gloucestershire and living composers of Contemporary Music.

Works marked (R) indicate that Andrew has recorded it, visit his discography for more details.


Aston, Peter

Canticles in F (R)

There is no rose (R)

Bairstow, Edward

Blessed city heavenly Salem

I sat down under his shadow

Let all mortal flesh keep silence

Britten, Benjamin

5 flower songs

Ballad of little Musgrave and Lady Barnard

Hymn to St Cecilia

Hymn to the virgin


Rejoice in the Lamb (R)

St Nicholas

Te Deum in C

Festival Te Deum

Dyson, George

Jubilate and Te Deum in D

Canticles in D

Elgar, Edward

5 partsongs from the Greek anthology

Ave Verum

Give unto the Lord

The Spirit of the Lord

Finzi, Gerald

God is gone up (R)

Lo the full final sacrifice

Gardner, John

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day

Hadley, Patrick

I sing of a maiden (R)

My beloved Spake

Harris, William

Bring us O Lord God

Faire is the heaven

Ireland, John

A New Year Carol (R)

Ex Ore Innocentium

Greater Love

Joubert, John


Kelly, Bryan

Canticles in C (R)

Leighton, Kenneth

Hymn of the Nativity (R)

Let all the world in every corner sing (R)

Lully, lulla thou little tiny child

Magdalen Service

Mass for double choir

Missa Brevis

Preces & Responses

Second Service

Mathias, William

A babe is born

Jesus Service

Naylor, Edward

Vox dicentis

Ord, Boris

Adam lay y bounden

Rose, Bernard

Feast sing for St Cecilia


Rubbra, Edmund

Advent Cantata (R)

Canticles in Ab

Inscape (R)

Missa in honorem Sancti Dominici

Song of the Soul (R)

Stanford, Charles Villiers

Canticles in A

Canticles in C

Canticles in G

Coronation Gloria

Morning & Evening service in Bb

The Blue Bird

Three Latin Motets

Ye choirs of new Jerusalem

Tippett, Michael

A child for our time

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis for St John's College

Walford Davies, Henry

God be in my head

O little town of Bethlehem (R)

O sons and daughters

Walton, William

Jubilate Deo


Set me as a seal

Warlock, Peter

Bethlehem Down

Wood, Charles

Canticles in Eb

Occuli omnium

St Mark Passion


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