Contemporary Music

Below is an alphabetical selection of Contemporary Music Andrew has performed.

Works marked like *this* indicate Andrew performed in the world premier.

Works marked (R) indicate that Andrew has recorded it, visit his discography for more details.


Allain, Richard

Salve Regina (R)

Andrew, Kerry

*St Pancras Canticle*

Ayres, Paul

*Easter Anthem*


*Preces and Responses*

*Te Lucis Ante terminum*

Burrell, Diana

*St Pancras Canticles*

Blatchly, Mark

St Paul's Service

Brown, Nicholas

Magdalen Service

Caldwell, John

Good Friday, Opera-Oratorio

Chaundy, Mark

*Ave Maris Stella*

Chilcott, Bob

Shepherds carol

Cooke, Phillip


Daley, Eleanor

Upon your Heart

Dove, Jonathan

Ecce beatam lucem

Into thy hands (R)

Eisenhauer, Stephen

Two Short Anthems

Foggit, Peter

*Preserve us O Lord*

Forbes, Sebastian

*St Pancras Canticles* 

Gibbon, Deirdre

*St Pancras Canticles*

Goodall, Howard

Love divine

The Lord is my Shepherd

Gorecki, Henryk

Totus Tuus

Grier, Francis

Devotions to Christ our redeemer

Gu­ðmundsson, Hugi

*Dýr fæðingin Drottins vors*

Harvey, Jonathan

Come Holy Ghost (R)

*How could the soul not take flight* (R)

Ives, Grayston

Edington Service

*Ego Sum Panis Vivus*

Listen Sweet Dove

*Lord is it I*

Missa Brevis

Song of Divine Love

Jackson, Francis

Come, thou holy Paraclete Op 85 (R)

Jackson, Gabriel

*Adoro te devote*

Kwok, Alan

*Pange Lingua*

Lauridsen, Morten

O Magnum mysterium

O nata Lux

L'Estrange, Alexander

*My song is love unknown* 

Martin, Matthew


Mason, Douglas

Psalm 23

Lords's Prayer

Maxwell Davies, Peter

Solstice of Light

McDowell, Cecilia


MacMillan, James

A child's prayer

Ave maris stella

Muhly, Nico

Bright Mass with Canons

Pärt, Arvo

De Profundis

Patterson, Paul


Phibbs, Jospeh

*St Pancras Canticles* 

Pitt, Anthony

In my father's house

St Pancras Canticles

Pott, Francis

*I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord*

*Missa Brevis*

Powers, Anthony

*New Work*

Rizza, Margaret

*Veni Jesu*

Rose, Gregory

*St Pancras Canticles*

Rutter, John

Gaelic Blessing


*Hymn to the Creator of Light*

My true love hath my heart


Shepard's Pipe Carol

Sourwood mountain (R)

The Lord bless you and keep you

The Reluctant Dragon

What greater music can we bring?

Skempton, Howard

*Locus Iste*

Swayne, Giles


Missa Tiburtina (R)

Tavener, John

Christmas Proclamation

Funeral Ikos

In the month of Athyr

Prayer to the Holy Trinity (R)

The lamb

Song of Athene

*Tribute to Cavafy*

Weir, Gillian

Ascending into heaven

Winters, Elizabeth

*Give Rest O Lord*

Whitacre, Eric

5 Hebrew love songs

Leonardo and his flying machine

Lux aurumque


Three songs of faith


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